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Monday, July 24, 2006  

Like the Weather
I really dislike smalltalk. It is so awkward and pointless, and talk about the weather is really the worst offender. But the current situation in Los Angeles makes weather-related discussion more akin to current events than small talk. I’m not sure about where you’re at but in the LA basin it is hotter than fuck. In fact it is hotter than it has ever been (at least when you use “Highest official temperature ever recorded in Los Angeles
County” as the caveat) as it hit 119 in Hell’s waiting room (also known as the Valley.) Hollywood was a bit better off as it only hit 102 at our apartment. So yeah, the talk of the town is the weather and whether or not we’ll survive.

I have a fist-full of links that I’m going to TRY and post, but please excuse the brevity of my annotations. I expect Blogger to mangle these links like is has been doing and don’t want to expend too much effort in posting them.

First is a story about fires on Catalina island. The fires were caused by lightning strikes during thunderstroms over the weekend and are notable for two reasons: my father was out there this weekend and since firefighters couldn't fly heliocpters due to the lightning the Marines were called in and used their San Diego based hovercrafts to help fight the blazes. Motherfucking hovercraft. That kicks ass.

Next up is a post on the LAPD blog about an innercity "candy store" that sold all manner of stolen goods and other contraband.

And finally, from the Non sequitur department we have Michael Stipe and William Gibson together at last.

posted by JMV | 7/24/2006 04:31:00 PM
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