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Thursday, November 10, 2005  

Not Quite as Good…
Last night we watched “Walking Tall” starring the Rock. We were hopefully since his previous action-blockbuster, “the Rundown” was actually really good. We started to worry during the opening-credits where no less than 5 writers were given credit. This is never a good sign since it means the script has gone though multiple re-writes. I haven’t seen the original film on which it was based, but the Rock version of Walking Tall was a muddled mish-mash that never even came close to gelling. The film was directed by a TV and Music video director and you could tell by the occasional cool shot mixed with is text-book scene set-ups. The film is hardly worth talking about.

Unlike these 50 films which were picked by Empire Online as the 50-Greatest “Indie” films of all time. I don’t agree with nearly all of their selections (how an Cube be on the list, but not Pi?!) but the list is a great jumping-off point for a REALLY geeky discussion. I’ve actually only seen 32/50 as I’m actually pretty thin in the low-budg Horror department, which I’m sure will offend Chuck.

There is a game that I’m told is played by the literary set where one sits around in a leather appointed room with cognacs and each player in turn admits to a canonical text that they haven’t read. Each successive admission should be more horrifying to your peers that the last. For example, to Whitworth’s admission of skipping “Great Expectations” Charles responds, “Well old chap, I must admit I have never read the Aeneid.” To which Whitworth shoots scotch from his nose and everyone has a great time berating the brutish sensibilities of Charles. Anyway, if we were to play THAT game with THIS is I would have to admit to never having seen “Two Lane Black Top.” Then I would suggest that we try a game (not just restricted to the 50 films of the list) in the comments of this post. But I am regularly appalled by people’s lack of basis in the classic films.

posted by JMV | 11/10/2005 11:00:00 AM
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