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Tuesday, November 08, 2005  

I Bathe In There!
I hate taking sick days. I would rather suffer through 9 hours of work with a cold than blow precious PTO hours. So it pained me greatly when I had to take a personal-day from work because the people that manage our apartment are fucking idiots.

On Saturday I was cleaning the bathroom, and not just the cursory wipe-down but the on-my-knees with comet and a scotch-brite pad deep moetherfucking SCRUB, when I noticed the tub wouldn’t drain. In fact there was cold water actually coming UP from the drain. Over the nest several hours the water level in the tub would rise and fall by a few inches and many calls to the apartment management went unanswered. We “sandbagged” the bathroom with old towels and left for San Diego.

Upon our return on Sunday evening we found the tub full of shit. Or at least fetid waste-water, and it would not drain at all. More calls, more messages. At about 8 there was some gurgling in the pipes and water rose at an alarming rate from the tub AND the kitchen sink. Stinking, murky water. We finally found the on-site manager who checked it out, went up and talked to our (trouble-making) upstairs neighbors, and told us there would be a plumber out first thing in the morning. SO I stayed home from work to await a drainage professional. Of course, “first thing” turned into 10am and by that time the tub had re-filled to the point of flooding. Water was pouring out of the tub and into the apartment. I ran into the kitchen to try and get ANYONE on the phone, where I slipped and ended up breaking the glass-door of the oven.

Long story short, I spent all day deal with the flooding, the incompetent maintenance and management staff, carpet cleaners, etc etc. Everything is more-or-less back to normal now, though the carpet won’t be done until tomorrow afternoon, and the neighbors upstairs are still sketchy and causing problems. It really pisses me off that if the fucking management had dealt with the problem when we first tried to tell them about it (on Saturday around noon) then they would have saved a lot of $$$ and I wouldn’t be out 8 hours of personal time, a pile of towels, and a small sliver of my sanity. Penny-wise Pound-foolish gets you every fucking time.

posted by JMV | 11/08/2005 11:00:00 AM
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