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Thursday, October 13, 2005  

Wrapping Things Up
About a year ago I stumbled upon a photo-set at flickr of “Latte art” pouring in a coffee shop in Seattle called Victrola and since then I’ve wanted to pay them a visit. The café turned out to be cooler than I could have imagined. We walked in and one of my favorite CDs was playing (Portishead’s P:NYC) and I was in love. As Julie and I stood in line we saw the barista pour a Café Americano for someone and we both our jaws dropped and we just looked at each others, silently communicating that it was indeed the best-looking americano either of us had ever seen. I suddenly felt like a very small child in a very larg candy-store. I ordered a latte, which I don’t usually even like, and Julie ordered a double-shot. We stood back and watched the barista at work (I really wish that I had gotten her name) and I was amazed by her focus and attention to the shots she was pulling. We were a long ways away from the actress-slash working the bar at Starbucks between auditions. The barista was literally crafting our drinks. Not just serving coffee or making lattes, but creating an experience. It was a joy to see the pride that she had in the drinks she was making. Long-story-short we get our drinks, and drink them. Oh yeah, the latte was the best cup-of-coffee I have ever had. Ever. Victorla does more than brew and serve the coffee, they also ROAST and blend their beans, which makes all the difference. I went back in and bought a pound of Bolivian coffee and a shirt, and I really wish that I could go back for my afternoon cup.

After coffee we headed back to John and Greg’s place for more games and booze! The next morning we rose early and headed to the airport to return the rental car. A mere 6 hours in the airport before we boarded out flight back to the southland! It was really a wonderful trip and it was great to see so many great friends! We really fell in-love w/ Seattle and I can’t wait to go back!

posted by JMV | 10/13/2005 03:32:00 PM
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