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Monday, October 31, 2005  

The party crew
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Another successful double-hitter Halloween celebration! I had some serious shoes to fill as last-years Phil Colins mask was such a huge successes. As luck would have it way-back in January I found the perfect follow-up: Christopher Walken! He had a creepy portrait in Variety’s annual celeb photo-issue and I was able to construct a paper-mask that we even creepier than last years! It was a HUGE success! Julie’s costume as a vampiric saloon girl was equally awesome and we had a great time out-and-about. Mary was a 70’s basketball all-star, Matthew was Phil, and Beau’s last-minute Andy Warhol came-off great! We saw many other great costumes at the Del and Phil’s house-party (Pictures taken by Matt here,) drank some kick-ass punch, then proceeded to Justin’s birthday celebration at Bar Sinister. The rest of the night is a bit of a blur, and I haven’t yet looked over the 150+ pictures we took, but when I do I’ll of course Flickr them for your perusal. Tonight I think we’ll just watch something scary and eat all the candy we bought for the trick-or-treaters that don’t actually come to our building…

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