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Thursday, August 11, 2005  

From Amanda: “What is your favorite Christmas memory”
Hmm Favorite is either getting Ginger (my puppy) or the first year that I came home from Clairo’s (the Italian market where we would buy all the cold cuts for our traditional Christmas eve meal) during the day on Christmas eve and joined my father and uncle in the traditional pre-pre-eve cold cut sandwich as we put away all the meats and cheeses. I felt that moment was the most salient “coming of age” in my life as I was fully aware of the transition in focus from presents to celebrating with family.

From Russell: “What's it like being a no-quiz-posting douchebag?
Similar in most ways to being a douchebag that stopped answering the quiz weeks ago.

From Chun: “Who's going to win the NBA finals this year?”
I had no ideas that Lawyers had a winner. But I’m going to support Matt Holohan in this one…

From Anne: “Do you really think the Honda Element looks good?”
It is just different enough to titillate. I also like the two-tone design and the “squatness,” I think it strikes a good balance between too boxy (the Scion xB) and too Lozenge-y (The Marango.) But the best part is the interior, which is really super-cool!

From Matt H(olohan): “What time is it?”
4:30! Its not late, it is early EARLY!
(or alternately Happy Hour, Miller Time, time to get a watch, or 12:14pm)

posted by JMV | 8/11/2005 03:59:00 PM
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