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Monday, August 15, 2005  

Not-So-Secret Show
Late Friday I began read/heard a rumor that Fiona Apple would be playing a set at Largo on Saturday night. Julie and I are both big fans of Fiona Apple and were very excited by the prospect of seeing her in such an intimate local. So I did some investigating and pretty much confirmed the rumors and booked a table are Largo for the night. It was billed as a “book signing” for Zach Galifianakis with special guests and a performance by Jon Brion. Julie has a good account of the night up on her site, so I’ll just add that even though she only played 4 songs I thought is was a great performance. She sounded very good, her voice was strong, and I really liked the two new songs she did (very folk-y/southern-spiritual.) It is going to be tough to see her in a large venue when she tours in support of the new album, which she confirmed would be out “in about a month.” This story on Pitchfork mentioned that Jon Brion is NOT the producer on the re-worked “Extraordinary Machine,” and that the new versions sounds “radically different” which I have mixed feelings about because I really LOVE the arraignments and instrumentation of the leaked Extraordinary Machine (which was produced by Jon Brion.) I guess we’ll see!

posted by JMV | 8/15/2005 12:24:00 PM
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