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Monday, July 18, 2005  

My New Coat
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I ::Heart:: My New Coat!
I mentioned the new coat a few weeks ago, but Saturday night was my first real chance to wear it out on the town and I frankly wasn’t prepared for the reception. All my friends liked it well enough, but what really stunned me was all the random people off the street that commented on it. One random barfly at “Big Wangs” spent a good 15 minutes trying to convince me I was a spitting image of Wolfman Jack (from American Graffiti fame) and that I need to get an agent so that I can surf the impending 50s-era resurgence to stardom. I was also accosted by some drunken Russian gangster-types who were convinced that I would like to wager $100 on something. I was never sure on what exactly, but I was able to convince them I had no money and escaped back inside the bar. So yeah, that was $80 well spent!

posted by JMV | 7/18/2005 02:39:00 PM
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