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Friday, June 03, 2005  

My (Somewhat) More Collected Thoughts
It is better the second time.
Digital Projection has come a LONG way in 2 years, and is certainly the way to see it.
The Anakin/Obi-Wan fight is one of the coolest moments in Star Wars. Period.
Franken-Vader is much less painful to watch the second time, and nearly all of the blame for the lameness falls on James Earl Jones’ lifeless and flat delivery.
The Mace v. Emperor scene rivals the aforementioned duel as “coolest scene ever,” but the Yoda v. Emperor scene falls flat.
Order 66 is still lame and the Jedi Purge could have/should have been done MUCH better.
The pacing of the film is all fucked up. Nearly every scene needed to either be longer or shorter, and the only story that follows a neat arc is Anakin’s fall, and even that is weirdly off-balance. I think Lucas is using a 5-act structure which seems odd and foreign since 90% of other films we see uses Aristotle’s 3-act structure. But don’t quote me on that as I haven’t had time to research it yet… But in the meantime check out Freytag’s Pyramid.

posted by JMV | 6/03/2005 01:29:00 PM
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