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Wednesday, May 25, 2005  

Mining the Well
I had so much fun imagining what the directors that were suggested to helm more Star Wars films would do in Lucas' sandbox that I just had to write up some log-lines for films that will only ever exist in my head.

Robert Rodriquez directs a roto-scoped adaptation of Dark Horse Comic's "Dark Empire" with Nick Stahl as Luke and Michael Madson as Han.

Peter Jackson's "Star Wars: Galactic Darkness" is an epic adventure set in the Old Republic before the fall of the Sith and follows a cadre of Jedi Knights in their quest to combat Exar Kun and his legion of Dark Jedi.

Bryan Singer adapts the videogame "Dark Forces" and cronicals Kyle Katarn's adventures fighting the empire.

David Lynch tells the strange and dark tale of a mysterious woman who falls in love with a passing star-pilot in the Mos Eisley cantina.

In a daring re-imagination of "A New Hope" Jean-Pierre Jeunet casts Audry Tautou as Princess Leia and delves the untold story of how Leia acquires the plans for the Deathstar and of the forbidden love she fostered with an Imperial Officer.

Sam Raimi's sparse tale of paranoia and treachery onboard a damaged rebel blockade-runner asks the question, "How far will a group of rebels go to save themselves?"

David Fincher's "Highwaymen" tells the story of a daring smuggler and pirate plying her trade along the Imperial trade lines, stealing from the Empire and supplying the rebels alliance.

From the director of Election and Sideways comes, "Homecoming:" a young and worldly Twi'lek dancer with Max Rebo's band returns to her family's home town for a rare performance but finds the community she left is resistant to accept her return.

Tarantino's "Jedi" borrows heavily from the mass-produced Japanese samurai films of the 60s and places a new filter on the Jedi's role as galactic police when a group of knights tries to bring down a powerful and well armed crime syndicate before they can pull-off the ultimate heist.

Tarence Malick's "Clone Wars" is a gritty epic covering the years between Episode 2 and 3 told from the perspective of a squad of clone troopers on the front lines of a manufactured war.

posted by JMV | 5/25/2005 11:06:00 PM
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