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Tuesday, March 22, 2005  

Brand Loyalty?
How much do brands figure into your purchasing habits? I think there are only a few things that I feel strong loyalty to. Generally I buy generic, whatever is on sale, or from wherever I can get the best price/service, but there are a handful of brands/items that I’ll go out of my way to get, or pay a little more for, or even preach their superiority over competing products and services. Some big ones are: Apple Computers of course (the products are really that much better,) Netflix (I’m now invested in the social-software aspect of the service,) Circuit City (the return policy cannot be beat,) but there is a whole host of little things that I hardly even think about, I just buy the name-brand: Kraft Mac and Cheese, Moleskines, Sharpies, Hoffey Hotdogs, and Van De Kamps baked goods come first to mind.
Are there any brands that you are fiercely loyal to? What about Labels? Does designer matter? I have never really though of myself as a label hound but I do have an elemental attraction to Kenneth Cole that has only grown stronger with age (like the reverse of Casey Pollard’s affliction from Pattern Recognition.) I don’t know why or how, but I can pick a Ken Cole shirt out of a pile of clearance goods like a bloodhound on, well, blood.

posted by JMV | 3/22/2005 01:54:00 PM
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