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Wednesday, January 05, 2005  

Television Octy

…back to the awards!

2004 was the year where Reality TV, like a serpent, turned upon itself and began to eat its own tail. But I try REALLY hard not to watch reality TV, so I’m not going to comment on that. Nope, instead I’d rather damage my brain with a combination of VH1 “comments by c-list celeb shows” and dull Victorian-era trephination drills. And with that I give you the runner-up for the award: The Gilmore Girls! Say what you want about this sometimes-saccharine-sweet, sometimes-heart-rending, ALWAYS-finely-crafted WB melodrama, but if you say something bad about it I’d be willing to wager that you haven’t seen more than 2 episodes. The show just can’t be disliked. Nothing else on TV is as well written, well acted, and genuinely touching as the fairytale-like chronicles of Stars Hollow, and I can’t think of another show on TV that as made me as misty-eyed.

But the award this year couldn’t go to any show besides The Daily Show! Nothing else on TV is as dependable in its humor (which is more often-than-not side-splitting) without losing its relevance and importance. The Daily Show has been steadily building momentum as a voice of the young nation sick of MTV style “Vote or Die” bullshit and Fox News propaganda since Jon Stewart took the reigns a few years ago, and it was the election year that fueled the show’s climb to critical mass. Stewart really stepped to the plate this year and delivered the kind of wit and satire that American popular culture had forgotten about; driving the show to unforeseen heights of influence. And that is why the Daily Show is so important: it has the power to change the way the “18-25” demographic looks at news and media. It has already begun. Stewart has received no end of accolades from “real” journalists (Tom Brokaw’s comments especially) for the job he was doing, and he has the cajones to stand up to the entrenched news-media and call it like he sees it. Whether you lean left or right, the kind of discourse that the Daily Show brings to a group of people that are usually considered to apathetic (or stoned) to even pander to is a positive thing. The man is a rising star, and I predict he will be a force of chance in the coming years.

posted by JMV | 1/05/2005 01:57:00 PM
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