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Friday, December 03, 2004  

The current object of my techno-desire is the T-Mobile Sidekick 2. I salivate at the thought of having a google search available to me ANYWHERE at ANYTIME. Unfortunately I'm still shackled to my 2-year Cingular contract for another 4 months, so a carrier switch is an impossibility. This impracticality is causing some of my lustful thoughts to be transferred onto the Ogo; a wireless TXT, Instant Messanger, and E-mail device (no phone capabilities.) The price on the website has just dropped to $50 and the service in only $17/month with no contracts. This price-point/service-fee structure makes the Ogo a pretty attractive device to just try-out for the hell of it. Or am I just blinded by my consumer-impulses and in reality the Ogo is lame?

posted by JMV | 12/03/2004 01:47:00 PM
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