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Thursday, October 07, 2004  

Brain Dump
I am increasingly finding my head full of ideas that I want to post here, or events that I want to comment on, but my time/energy is preventing me from creating well-thought out posts on each individual item. So I'm just going to cop-out and dump a bunch of random shit here to get it off my brain.

ONE: X-Prize winner How much does this rock. SS1 takes the X-prize, and THE NEXT DAY Virgin announces a deal to purchase 3 next-gen sub-orbital crafts for its "Virgin Galactic" flights into sub-space. A mere $300K will take you 100km from the surface of the earth and Virgin plans to use the capitol raised by the play-boy rocketeers to lower the cost of the flights <$10,000. Sign me the fuck up.

TWO: 2 Years of Bliss Yesterday marked my two year anniversary to my super-wife Julie. We took the day off, and went to the LA Zoo (which was boss) and had a picnic in the park (also boss.) I couldn't be happier with our set up and I'd like to thank Jules for being THE BEST and putting up with all my craziness and shit! Two years down, many MANY more to go!

THREE: HDTV Did I mention that I got a new TV? It isn't a plasma or a big-screen or anything crazy, but is IS a 30" widescreen HDTV. It was an anniversary gift to each other and so far we couldn't be happier. Though, I feel bad for the average consumers who decide to buy a new HDTV and have NO IDEA what they are getting into. I deal with HD standards and this kind of technology everyday. At work we build fifty thousand dollar editing systems to create the content that Joe-6-pack will watch on their TVs, and I STILL had trouble deciding what unit to buy and how to get it all set up... But now that it is (mostly) working the way it should... DAMN! what a difference. We christened the set by watching the new Star Wars DVD and I was blown-away. Then we got our actual HD cable box so now we can watch the 6-channels of HD and hot-damn does it look great!

FOUR: I Heart Huckabees We caught the film last weekend and loved it! A stellar cast and a very original story made it one of the more memorable films this year. If it is playing near you, go check it out. I guarantee that you will either love it or hate it!

FIVE: Burnout 3 I haven't been this into a videogame in a long while, but this is one GREAT friggin game. For those that are living under a rock (or just don't follow gaming news) this the third game in the Burnout series(duh) and on the surface is an arcade-style racing game. But it is really so much more. One of my favorite features of the game is something that had been available on the Xbox and that is custom soundtracks. You can rip a CD to the Xbox hard drive and then tell the game to play THAT CD as the ingame music. Which means you can make a custom mix-CD filled with all the tunes that you have always wanted to have playing on your car stereo while you hurtled down a narrow down-town street at 190MPH. And that is my second favorite thing about the game: the sense of speed is intense! When you are flying down the track at nearly 200MPH you FEEL like you are going WAY TOO FAST. It makes everything in the game that much more intense and fun. I HIGHLY suggest that you at the very least rent this game. Even if you don't normally like racing games, I have a feeling you will find something to love about BO3.

OK. 5 items should be enough for now...

posted by JMV | 10/07/2004 01:35:00 PM
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