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Wednesday, August 11, 2004  

Thats It!
I have been slacking on the updates and ignoring the blog for TOO long now. It isn't that I don't have things to say, but rather that I'm having some difficulty in sitting down and getting them out. It is a pretty frustrating situation, but I'm resolving to fix things, starting with the post.

Sometimes I think my lack of updates is because the "thrill" of blogging has waned. It doens't hold the magic and rush that it did in the beginning. But my dear friend John Forrest (previously of JFP3 fame) recently started up a new blog that is still radiates the heat of newness. John is doing everything right over there. Frequent updates, a clear voice, and lots of pics (plus a kick-ass sidebar.) I REALLY should have linked to his site weeks ago, but I suck.

If things do change around here soon, if I can't manage to being the spark back to the 'Hat then I'm prepared to shutter things and move on. I can't stay silent for too long though, so something new and exciting will be born to take up some more cyberspace.

posted by JMV | 8/11/2004 04:51:00 PM
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