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Thursday, June 10, 2004  

My quick thought for the day: One of the best things about having a job is not having to LOOK for a job.

I haven't had to open my bookmark folder full of job-search sites in two weeks; even though I still occasionally check Craig's List out of a habit too deep-rooted to break. I have also discovered that sometime during my 9 months of unemployment (plus the 6 weeks at the court reporting place) I have completely changed as a worker. I'm now much more efficient, organized, and generally "on point" then I ever have been before. My only explanation is that I now appreciate working much more than in the past and see it truly as a privilege and less as a sentence. I can only hope that outlook will stick with me!

I also thought I would take this opportunity to explain what it is that I do now that I have a better grasp of my position. My title is "Digital Sales Assistant" and basically I am the grease (or lube if you will) that keeps the gears of the sales floor running. I am the liaison between the digital sales guy(s) and the inventory processor/manager and am in charge of pulling orders, making sure stuff we don't have gets ordered, and making sure the systems get built. In addition I build quotes for clients for anything from tape-stock orders to full FCP editing systems as well as put out any fires that spring up during the day. It is a good mix of dealing with clients, problem solving, and techy stuff, and the position seems to be constantly developing.

So yeah, in other words: so far so good!

posted by JMV | 6/10/2004 07:45:00 PM
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