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Tuesday, May 18, 2004  

New Juice for the BoobTube
It is "Upfront" week in H'wood, and things are in full swing with NBC, ABC and WB already making their announcements for what is in and what is out in the fall. Sadly, all the pinning over the death of the sitcom is coming true as ABC is loosing 2 sitcoms and NBC is only adding 2 (replacing what was lost with Frasier and Friends.) And one of those doesn't even count ("Father of the Pride") as it is an animated show about tiger-trainers (wtf!) There are a couple of interesting new dramas announced including the Jerry Orbach-led L&O spin-off "Trail by Jury" and the James Spader WF Shatner vehicle "Fleet Street." Hopefully FOX (who has already announced, against all sane reasoning, that Arrested Development was picked up for a second season)and (ahem) CBS will have some more compelling shows to announce since the fall season is shaping up to be pretty damn lame...

posted by JMV | 5/18/2004 12:50:00 PM
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