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Wednesday, April 07, 2004  

Tounge Tied
I haven't really been in much of a blogging mood lately. I'm not sure why, but every few weeks my well runs a little dry and I neglect posting anything interesting on the sight. I imagine it will only get worse once I start back on the whole 40 hours/week thing.

I can't even seem to get motivated to write about Hellboy (which we saw on Saturday.) It is really a good movie. A lot of fun, and really faithful to the source comic. Ron Pearlman is THE PERFECT actor to play "Big Red" and John Hurt is equally perfect as Professor Bloom. If you haven't read any Hellboy, your really missing about on a GREAT comic. I was happily surprised that the film addressed so many of the Lovecraftian themes of the Hellboy mythos. I think some of the people in the theater were taken aback by the amount of humor in the film, but the comic is the same way. The only real way to present such unspeakable horror is to temper it with a 7+ foot tall wisecracking demon that loves cats (and nachos.) So go out and see it. You'll have a great time.

posted by JMV | 4/07/2004 07:08:00 PM
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