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Tuesday, April 20, 2004  

This is Not Going to Make Any Sense
When I was small I loved to play with my Star Wars figures. I was always on the lookout for cool setting for my mock battles. There were a few yards in my neighborhood with excellent rocks and plants that made wonderful imagination fodder. There was a little man-made stream that ran into a man-made lake in the middle of the suburban landscape that was my favorite spot though. But one day my Han Solo figure was swept away by the nascent current. I was very said, and I think I probably cried.

I'm slowly adjusting to the rat-race, which I think is bad. I'm worried of getting lost in the currents of a 9-5 job. The original plan was to keep writing after work, or on weekend when Julie is slaving away in the coffee mines, but in reality I have been in no mental state to devote attention of the written word. I can barely bring myself to blog. I hope it is just my body/mind getting adjusted to the new stresses, and I am actively forcing myself to write whenever I can. Keep the tool honed so to speak. The point is, if you got a review copy of my script, and I haven't heard from you, please send me some comments! The more comments I get the more kindling I have to stoke the creative fires. The more specific the comments the dryer the kindling.

Lastly, what the hell is the deal with The Gilmore Girls? I flipped over to an episode just to get some Lauren Graham action and now I'm fascinated. I don't think I get it. What is the hook? Are the witches? Do they fight vampires? Do they have super powers? What is the point? SO... MUCH... DIALOGUE... But it is oddly entertaining.

posted by JMV | 4/20/2004 08:07:00 PM
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