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Tuesday, April 27, 2004  

Disney Spelled Backwards is Evil
Ok, bnot really Disney in this case, but Miramax which is close enough. Ya know Kill Bill? Ya know the DVD of Vol. One that just hit? That is only the first in a L O N G line of DVD editions that will hit stores. In fact the COO of Miramax, Rick Sands, has said there will be SIX verisons of the film out by the end of the year.

"`Vol. 1' goes out, `Vol. 2' goes out, then `Vol. 1 Special Edition,' `Vol. 2 Special Edition,' the two-pack, then the Tarantino collection as a boxed set for Christmas," he said. "It's called multiple bites at the apple."

Read the story and then read this other one.

The whole thing smells a lot like the comic book industry in the mid-90s. Multiple covers, pack-ins, special limited editions. That nearly destroyed the Comic Book Industry.

posted by JMV | 4/27/2004 12:35:00 PM

Out of Hiding
This story is evidently what it took to get me off my mini-hiatus. A 15 year old highschool student in WA was disciplined for anti-bush artwork he created as part of a school project. Not only that but the ART TEACHER turned over the works to the school administration and they ended up in the hands of the SECRET SERVICE, who then questioned the kid.

I'm utterly appalled by this story for a couple of different reasons. First, why the hell did the secret service get involved? Is Bush THAT MUCH of a paranoid megolomaniac that he has his sunglass-wearing goons hunt down a freaking highschool softmore? Secondly, how dare the school, and the teacher, punish the boy for expressing his feelings towards the governement. Even in the "post-columbine" climate the administrators have no grounds of discipling this kind of artistic expression. The administrators "insisted it was not a freedom-of-speech issue but a concern over the depiction of violence."
So they can tell the kids to read MacBeth, but the kids can't use violence in their assigned artwork?

posted by JMV | 4/27/2004 12:20:00 PM

Sunday, April 25, 2004  

I lied.
No post for you.

posted by JMV | 4/25/2004 04:19:00 PM

Friday, April 23, 2004  

Lunch Blog
I'm still here. Don't yet give up on me just yet. I have just had depressingly little to say for most of the week. In fact, I think that this whole blog is quickly going downhill in quality. Which makes me both angry and sad...
I promise that I'll have one decent post over the weekend.

Until then...

posted by JMV | 4/23/2004 12:54:00 PM

Tuesday, April 20, 2004  

This is Not Going to Make Any Sense
When I was small I loved to play with my Star Wars figures. I was always on the lookout for cool setting for my mock battles. There were a few yards in my neighborhood with excellent rocks and plants that made wonderful imagination fodder. There was a little man-made stream that ran into a man-made lake in the middle of the suburban landscape that was my favorite spot though. But one day my Han Solo figure was swept away by the nascent current. I was very said, and I think I probably cried.

I'm slowly adjusting to the rat-race, which I think is bad. I'm worried of getting lost in the currents of a 9-5 job. The original plan was to keep writing after work, or on weekend when Julie is slaving away in the coffee mines, but in reality I have been in no mental state to devote attention of the written word. I can barely bring myself to blog. I hope it is just my body/mind getting adjusted to the new stresses, and I am actively forcing myself to write whenever I can. Keep the tool honed so to speak. The point is, if you got a review copy of my script, and I haven't heard from you, please send me some comments! The more comments I get the more kindling I have to stoke the creative fires. The more specific the comments the dryer the kindling.

Lastly, what the hell is the deal with The Gilmore Girls? I flipped over to an episode just to get some Lauren Graham action and now I'm fascinated. I don't think I get it. What is the hook? Are the witches? Do they fight vampires? Do they have super powers? What is the point? SO... MUCH... DIALOGUE... But it is oddly entertaining.

posted by JMV | 4/20/2004 08:07:00 PM

Sunday, April 18, 2004  

Week Two
I need to goto bed. I'm really not used to this whole 9-5 thing... I'm kinda bummed because, apart from the Andrew and Jodi visit, I don't feel that I accomplished much of anything and that most of the days off were spent wondering what the hell to do... Next weekend I need to have a better PLAN.

I also need to see Kill Bill Vol. 2 sometime this week. I'm hoping that is will not only blow me away, but also elevate my opinion of the first film. It will be nice to actually get some SCENES with David Carradine and Michael Madson. But I probably won't be fully satisfied until QT releases a DVD of the "saga" as one film...

posted by JMV | 4/18/2004 03:15:00 PM

Saturday, April 17, 2004  

Ah... Santa Cruz.
Christopher Coppola is in my old home-town for the the Santa Cruz Film Festival (showing his "B-movie" style shlock-cine horror flick at the lovely SkyView Drive-in no less) andAudio Blogs it. The SCFF evidently put him up at the "Compassion Flower Inn;" the only "Bed, Bud, and Breakfast" in the country. The idea is people with legit prescriptions for medical pot can smoke it freely at the Compassion Flower. Ahhh Santa Cruz.

I've been missing it a lot recently. Andrew and Jodi were down and stayed with us last night, and it was very nice to see them. But it drove home the point that Jules and I REALLY need to make a trip up north to see friends, family, and redwoods.

posted by JMV | 4/17/2004 05:56:00 PM

Wednesday, April 14, 2004  

Bookmark THIS Mother Fu...
I have a new site to add to my list (IMDb, All Music Guide, Amazon and of course Google) of most useful web sites: Wikipedia. It is an online encyclopedia that kicks the crap out of the ol' Worldbook for a bunch of different reasons: it is free, it is HYPERTEXT, and it is freely user editable. Check out the welcome page for details.

I can still remember how excited I was when my first set of Worldbook Encylopedia's arrived at my childhood home. I was a nerd even at 8 years old. My dad suggested that I read an article a day until I had consumed the whole shelf of leatherette bound tomes, and I would often read myself to sleep with one. (I told you I was a nerd.) Wikipedia does this one better and even has a random page link. So hit that up and surf the Wikipedia for a while. You'll defiantly learn something, and you might even be able to TEACH someone something.

posted by JMV | 4/14/2004 10:07:00 PM

Peep THIS Mother Fu...
I have the very best wife in the world. She didn't get me an easter basket for Easter. Nope, she waited until Monday, which means twice the candy for the same $$$! And Easter is really the BEST candy holiday. Sure Halloween has the tradition and the quantity, but there are so many varieties of sugar that only make an appearance to celebrate rebirth! Peeps, Cadbury Eggs, Robin Eggs, fucking chocolate bunnies stuffed with sweet, sweeet gooze... I'm officially ill from too much sugar now. Giant rabbit shaped sweet-tarts are like the flesh of some fallen god. I just can't stop eating them, even though my stomach as long since turned sour and I have citric acid burns on my tongue.

I love you Jules!

posted by JMV | 4/14/2004 08:15:00 PM

Tuesday, April 13, 2004  


Band of Brothers, the HBO miniseries following American paratroopers in Normandy and beyond during the invasion of Europe, is being re-run on the History Channel. I'll take the time now to urge you to go rent the DVDs as the series is a stunning example of the war movie genre (but the edited History Channel version is kinda annoying.) But the combined length of the 10 episodes gives the show the freedom to explore areas that the typical 3 hour-long war-flick just can't do. Character development is the greatest strength of the series, which makes the soldiers plight (and sometimes their deaths) that much more affecting. Even if you're not usually a fan of the genre I think you will get a lot out of Band of Brothers.

posted by JMV | 4/13/2004 10:30:00 PM

More Training
One good thing about my new employer is the extremely thorough training they put all new-hires through. The company is run and organized using L Ron Hubbard's theory of management, which is not yet as scary as it sounds. This method gives everyone a very specific job and puts them in a very specific place in the company. It is interesting at the very least. Still haven't done any training on what I'll actually be DOING, but perhaps tomorrow.

posted by JMV | 4/13/2004 09:25:00 PM

Monday, April 12, 2004  

First Day
Had my first day at the new job today. Lots of training classes and manuals. And I haven't yet adjusted to the hours of an honest living so details will have to wait.

In the meantime checkout this article at Rollingstone.com about the impact of legit music download services on the Music Biz.

posted by JMV | 4/12/2004 11:06:00 PM

Thursday, April 08, 2004  

Biting the Hand That Feeds
I support labor. This country was built on its Guilds and Unions, and without them we would be in bad shape indeed. But when you mix art and labor politics you get a sticky mess indeed. Case in point Hollywood Maverick filmmaker Robert Rodriguez (one of my heroes to be sure) has resigned his membership from the DGA because his current project, and adaptation of Frank Miller's comic opus "Sin City" will be co-directed by Rodriguez and Miller (and possibly Tarantino which would be just about the greatest thing EVER.) But the DGA has a rule that no guild director can share the "Directed by" credit on a film (which I guess means the Matrix films are not DGA films?) This decision is causing problems from Rodriguez's other projects now that his studio (Paramount) won't allow non-DGA directors to work on films. On one hand the DGA is a powerful and important body that certainly does more good and harm, but on the other hand it is messing with its member's artistic vision. Me thinks the DGA has gone blind to the forest and now only sees trees. But this is why Robert Rodriguez is one of my heroes. He is never complacent and will not hesitate to buck the system. He built his career on breaking rules and now he's made-it big time and he still is a rule breaker. Viva la revolution!

posted by JMV | 4/08/2004 05:23:00 PM

Don't Get Any Ideas
More evidence that gambling addiction is the new chic addiction (and that reality TV is evil.) A British man will be betting everything he owns on a single spin of the roulette wheel at the Vegas Hard Rock on Sunday. He calls him self a "professional gambler" but anybody that pulls a stunt that is far from professional. To quote a favorite movie of mine, "...poker's an honest trade. Only suckers buck the tiger. The odds are all with the house." (extra Octo Points if you can name that film.) Paulie, don't get any ideas...

posted by JMV | 4/08/2004 05:14:00 PM

Wednesday, April 07, 2004  

I Know!
I thought of something I could say... A friend of mine, Kenny, has been abroad since just after he graduated in June. He left for Australia in September and has hit just about everywhere since then, and I got an e-mail from hom the other day with links to some incredible pictures from his Cambodia-Laos-Thailand leg. Here are some kick-ass pictures of monkeys drinking Hamms (a super-cheep American beer that Kenny swears by.) Monkeys sure love beer! Enjoy.

posted by JMV | 4/07/2004 11:47:00 PM

Tounge Tied
I haven't really been in much of a blogging mood lately. I'm not sure why, but every few weeks my well runs a little dry and I neglect posting anything interesting on the sight. I imagine it will only get worse once I start back on the whole 40 hours/week thing.

I can't even seem to get motivated to write about Hellboy (which we saw on Saturday.) It is really a good movie. A lot of fun, and really faithful to the source comic. Ron Pearlman is THE PERFECT actor to play "Big Red" and John Hurt is equally perfect as Professor Bloom. If you haven't read any Hellboy, your really missing about on a GREAT comic. I was happily surprised that the film addressed so many of the Lovecraftian themes of the Hellboy mythos. I think some of the people in the theater were taken aback by the amount of humor in the film, but the comic is the same way. The only real way to present such unspeakable horror is to temper it with a 7+ foot tall wisecracking demon that loves cats (and nachos.) So go out and see it. You'll have a great time.

posted by JMV | 4/07/2004 07:08:00 PM

Tuesday, April 06, 2004  

Gainful Employment
After a blitzkrieg of applications during the past few days, I managed to land an interview of then an offer for a job! It is nothing too exciting, but at least it is an income! I will be a "Litigation Support Supervisor" at a place that deals with court reporters and other "litigation support." The job basically entails taking court-reporter transcripts and re-formatting them for the clients, then creating an archive of all the materials. It is a L7 9-5 gig, but I'm happy to have some more stability in my life. I start Monday, and getting back into the swing of things should be quite interesting after eight months of (mostly) unemployment.

posted by JMV | 4/06/2004 09:07:00 PM

Monday, April 05, 2004  

Impromptu Tribute
Here is Nirvana tribute song created as a cut-up of lyrics off their three studio albums. I randomly generated the string of lyrics and am pleasantly surprised by the results. I think any blogger who was touched by Kurt's music to make a cut-up of their own with whatever random algorithm they chose and post it to their blogs in tribute.

You can't fire me because I quit
And I'm living off of grass
All apologies
Surrealistic fantasy
Bruises on the fruit -- tender age in bloom

every wet nurse refused to feed him
Won't you believe it
Your dirty wings
And I've got this friend, you see
It's just my luck

posted by JMV | 4/05/2004 04:51:00 PM

It's About That Time...
...to squeeze off some rounds into the darkness. I need a job somethin' fierce. I am really getting to the point of quiet desperation and am quickly exhausting all the avenues of my network. So I send this plea into the B'Sphere and hope. If someone out there can hook me up, or can offer a suggestion that leads to a hook-up, I will provide an enormous, yet to be determined (non-financial,) finder fee. Not to mention my eternal gratitude. My CV is available upon request...

posted by JMV | 4/05/2004 01:54:00 PM

Teenaged Angst Had Paid Off Well
Today marks the 10th anniversary of Kurt Cobain's suicide. I had to read that twice. How can we have lived a decade after the fall of one of music's brightest stars? What would Kurt think of the bands that have come and gone in those ten years? How different would my life be if Kurt Cobain had never left his mark on the history of music? How different would it be if he was still making music?

I remember being steamrolled by the media blitzkrieg that was "Nevermind" WAY the fuck back in 1992. It was, to me, what the Beatles were to my parents. The fucking essence of Rock and Roll. The trio spoke to me, and to my peers, in a way that nothing else ever had. Kurt's passion was an inspiration to me. Seeing him fall was like watching Christ die on the cross. That sounds extreme, but when you're 15 your all you know is extremes.

I'm not going to get into my age-old theory of music as magic and existence of musical "prophets" who have been the harbingers of musical and social change, buy be a pint sometime and I'll get into it. Never the less Cobain was the driving force behind a magical movement that has literally changed the world. Today I raise a mug of coffee, play nothing but Nirvana, and reflect on the 10 years between then and now.

posted by JMV | 4/05/2004 12:27:00 PM

Saturday, April 03, 2004  

Vegas Pics
I spent the morning tweaking the dozen or so pictures that I took in Vegas and publishing them to the web. I always go off to the desert with the intention of snapping a bunch of photos, and always come back with less that I would like. But at least on this trip I got a few nice shots. I like this one a lot. It was taken at O'Shea's Casino and I like the energy and motion that it has. But my favorite photo from the "roll" is here. You can take a look at the rest of the pics here. Let me know what you think.

posted by JMV | 4/03/2004 12:40:00 PM

Thursday, April 01, 2004  

My e-mail server is down and I haven't been able to check it today. If you need to get a hold of me, I suggest some alternate method.

posted by JMV | 4/01/2004 06:12:00 PM

Cruel Mistress
Back from the 38 hour Vegas Marathon II. Almost exactly a year after Mary's Birthday in Vegas we returned to the desert for another couple of nights. One thing I love about Vegas is there is so there that every trip is very unique. Jules and I got smacked around at the tables, and I should have been on the Hotel payroll the way I could cool off a table just by standing at it. Seriously. I would walk up to a game and watch everybody's runs come to a crashing halt, or see the dealer hit 21 with a 5 or 6 showing. I rolled 3 craps in about five minuets of play. It was pretty ugly. But that didn't stop us from having a great time! I wanted to write a much more detailed post about the trip, but I'm having difficulty getting it out right now. Maybe I'll try again after I have some lunch.

I'm having some difficulty reintegrating into reality and my increasingly frustrating job-search today. I just had an interview for a tape logger position on a medical reality show. 10 hours a day of logging graphic clips of surgery sounds pretty hideous, but I'm getting desperate. I have another interview at a different company tomorrow, and this will be the third position they have interviewed me for. So at least I have some prospects.

posted by JMV | 4/01/2004 03:44:00 PM
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