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Wednesday, March 03, 2004  

Promised Updates
Now that my connection to the outside world has been restored I think I'll make a few comments about Sunday's Oscars. The telecast was criticized for being long (but what the hell were people expecting? It is ALWAYS long, and there isn't much else they can do to shorten it.) and for having a lack of surprises. Whatever. That certainly didn't bother me as I believe that LotR (as a trilogy) deserves EVERY award that is got. In fact I agree with 95% of the academies decisions this year. I'm very happy that Sofia won for her Lost in Translation script, and the director nod that she earned was well deserved. Sean Penn's win over Bill was a tiny bit upsetting, but I see the award as a well deserved "body of work" acknowledgment. Bill Murray has a lot of acting left to do, and I would expect him to start getting some juicer roles. (In the meantime, re-watch Rushmore for some really top-of-his-game Murray.) I was perhaps trying to second guess the academy when I made "Girl with a Pearl Earring" my pick for Art Direction over LotR. I was expecting it to dominate, but I figured it wouldn't go an unprecedented 11-for-11 and thought that Art Direction was a probable category for an "upset." I'm not sure what the hell happened with the Animated Short award. I figured Salvador Dali and the wave of anti-Eisner sentiment in Hollywood would make Destino a shoo-in. But you never know... My only other missed category was SFX Editing (I said Pirates and it went to the other great-ship-epic...) So All in all 20/24 is a pretty good record, though admittedly it was an easy year for Oscar speculators.

Thats the awards, but as we all know the awards are only a small part of the night, fashion and "buzz" being the other main aspects. The fashion front was fairly unexciting this year (though better than last year's sombre attire.) I was particularly partial to Tim Robbins had the best suit of the night with the black-on-black-with-black accents number and the peace symbol bling (which was suspiciously absent during the second half of the night.) But his acceptance speech fell a little flat. I mean he and Sean are the most out-spoken Hollywood leftists and all that come out of their combined stage time was a hushed mention of absent "WMDs" and a whole bunch of ego-stroking aimed at Mr. Eastwood. I have a creeping suspicion that the two held their tongues because of a request from Clint (a right-leaning political figure.) But Mr Errol Morris made up for it with his barbed jibes at the Bush Administration and a "New Viet Nam." I love Errol Morris' films and I was very happy to see him finally win a damn Oscar. Looking forward to checking out "Fog of War" this weekend, and if you are unfamiliar with his work I HIGHLY recommend you check out his fiercely original and laugh-out-loud funny documentary "Fast Cheep and Out of Control."

posted by JMV | 3/03/2004 05:57:00 PM
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