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Wednesday, March 10, 2004  

Out on the Tiles
Well, I'm friggin exhausted...
Went out last night to celebrate A friend's birthday. Had dinner at Chili's which I'm often embarrassed to admit that I love. It maybe a huge corporate restaurant were everything in calculated and pre-packaged, and manufactured, but I love like everything in the menu. Every-time I go it is like a kid in a candy store. Except the kid is me and the candy is meat. But the chicken-fried steak, buffalo wings, and margaritas gave me esophagus charing heartburn last night. I awoke after about two hours of fitful sleep and wasn't able to get back to sleep until sometime after sun-up.

Greg and Christine stopped by for a quick visit on their way from Santa Cruz to San Diego and it was very nice to see them, chat, and hang out! It was the first time we had seen them since they announced their pregnancy, so I was half expecting some weirdness. After all they are now full-fledged ADULTS plunging headlong into parenthood, and I am NO WHERE near that place. I can't even imagine. But of course there was no weirdness. They are two of my oldest friends, some of the first people I met after I left for college, and they were super stoked to be turning down parent lane. I also realized that, in a few years, I get to play the part of cool "uncle" john from out of town who brings candy and firecrackers!

I also just found out that I will be a Grip on a one-day music video shoot tomorrow. The Line-producer/UPM/Production Coordinator mentioned making me Key Grip (the "captain" of the grips) which would be a big bump for me and a very nice addition to my resume (or CV as they are evidently called in the "business.") Though after I talked to the Gaffer today I got the feeling that it will be kind of a De Facto title as I will most-likely be the ONLY grip. But it cool. I'm excited to get back to work as it has been a SLOW couple of months. I also got to see finished film of one of the shorts that I griped on in December. It cut together very well, and I actually got my "copy," which is something that is always promised on freebie shots (credit/copy/meals) but rarely actually delivered. So that is pretty cool.

Now as much as I WANT to curl up on the couch and veg in front the the TV, I gotta get some writing done...

posted by JMV | 3/10/2004 06:42:00 PM
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