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Sunday, February 01, 2004  

Sneak Peaking
February in Hollywood means not just then end of Football Season but the beginning of the "Pilot Season." Pilot season a time of hope and greenlights. New shows are pitched to networks and a few dozen are given some money to shoot a pilot episode: the first "proof of concept" episode of the show. Then , later in the spring the network execs decide which shows are promising and they order more episode and the show finds a place in the fall season. It is an exciting time for actors since there is, theoretically, a chance for break-out success if a new show makes it big. Though statistically it still sucks as each of the major networks will order anywhere from ten to twenty pilots and only 3 or 4 will end up in your "fall preview issue" of entertainment weekly. Here is a working list of a bunch of pilots ordered from the various networks and the people behind them. It looks like 2004-2005 may be an even bigger train-wreak that this year was. Some of the chaff looks to be the return of Charlie's Angels to the tube, a new Paul Reiser comedy, C.S.I. New York, and NBC re-producing ANOTHER acclaimed BBC series. But how can anyone beat "FRANKENSTEIN" which is described as,

"expected to take place in present-day Seattle with both Dr. Frankenstein and his monster surviving the past two centuries thanks to genetic engineering on both subjects. The two are then discovered by a female cop and her partner through a routine homicide investigation. Over the course of the pilot, Frankenstein's monster joins forces with the cops and will combat Dr. Frankenstein and his other creations in successive weeks. From Martin Scorsese and author Dean Koontz."


But there are some prospects. ...Ok, maybe not. But it is hard to make a TV series sound GOOD in two lines. At least the WB is bringing vampires back to Primetime soaps with the return of "Dark Shadows!" Oh, and WarrenEllis' supernatural espionage thriller, Global Frequency is getting a pilot on the WB! There can hardly be shit hotter than television from the dark, booze-soaked mind of Warren Ellis.

posted by JMV | 2/01/2004 02:26:00 AM
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