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Wednesday, February 18, 2004  

Little Tiny Mice Are Eating My Brain
Yesterday was a big day. I'm trying to put in between 2 and 4 hours of script-writing a day, and shoot for about 3 pages in that time. Yesterday I cranked out 6 1/2 taking my page count to 16 and finishing off the first act. So I was pleased as pie yesterday. Of course, all this energy spent on the script means the blog is getting ignored, which is a shame because I think I'm going to miss my traffic goal again this month. I need to generate some HITS on the site!

In other news, I've got another item for the "bastards stole my idea file." Evidently Nestle is going to start marketing oddly flavored Kit-Kats in Great Britain this year in a bid to regain some market share. Cumin, Curry, and Lemon Cheesecake are on the list. That wasn't my idea, but towards the end of the article a restaurant in Berkshire is mentioned because it serves up bacon and egg flavored ice cream!

Insert shot of John doing the "Khan!!" yell from Star Trek 2.

Anyway... I seem to have completely lost my train of thought and any coherent thread to this post, so I'll end with a non-sequitur

"I remember [in the early '80s] seeing posters for the small, semi-portable version of the Apple IIc. Quite a lot of what I subsequently imagined in my early science fiction simply came from seeing that ad in a bus stop. I didn't know anything about it technologically. I just thought if it's that small and that nicely styled, everything is changing."

William Gibson from an interview in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

posted by JMV | 2/18/2004 03:24:00 PM
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