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Tuesday, February 17, 2004  

Lets Try That Again
I'll consider this a rewrite and give the previously mentioned "lost post" another shot...

Jules and I were asking "Why do we celebrate the beheading of a saint again?" on Saturday while stuck in the kind of traffic that can only be caused by the nervous and horny violently colliding with the lonely and bitter. We then remembered that ever since the dawn of our relationship we have held a marked distasted for the "holiday" (except, or course, the candy hearts) and that this year we had been somehow blinded by the unrelenting drive of consumerism. So we decided, right then and there, to rebel against the frilly pinkness and hit the Carls Jr drive-though. It isn't that we are unromantic or overly pragmatic, but rather that we don't see the sense in singling out a single day to lavish affection and attention on the one you love. How does one day of flowers, fancy diners, and chocolate further the cause of love? Love is something to be nurtured EVERYDAY lest it wilt and shed its many-splendid leaves. After some burgers and videogames we were want to leave the comfort of our apartment for the outside world that had surly grown only more desperate and frightening since we last saw it. And yet we craved ice cream. So we caved and did something that I'd wanted to do ever since seeing Swingers. Something that is SO LA it frightened me. We called Pink Dot (actually we called their competitor, Yummy.) Pink Dot/Yummy is s delivery grocery/convenience service that offers all your food needs until midnight delivered right to your door. The prices are about the same as Ralphs/7-11 and the delivery fee is like $3, so all in all a pretty good deal.

Sunday my mom made her way into Hollywood for lunch, and we spent the afternoon pretending we were hip industry insiders while dinning on the patio at The Cat and Fiddle. After lunch and some writing time I made a foray into the Valley to help out in the G&E department on a shoot I had heard about a few days before. Turns out it was the last day of shooting on an independent feature. Rule Number One is a high school dramady about. Well I actually don't know what it is about as I was only on set for one day. But it was a good time. The DP had an interesting style for the shoot where he lit nearly every scene with a combination of Babies bounced off walls and showcard and an inky or two scrimmed way down (I never found out what stock they were shooting but I saw some Kodak shot-end boxes so it must have been the vision 500 (7279.) So that made my job real easy. I also didn't realize until later that the lead in the film is a bone-fide rising Hollywood starlet (or at least a regularly working SAG actor) who has a pretty beefy list of credits including Malcolm in the Middle, Bernie Mac, and a slew of TV movies (she is also producing Rule Number One.) We wrapped out at about 7:15 as the sun rose over Studio City and I proceeded to sleep through all of Monday.

posted by JMV | 2/17/2004 04:10:00 PM
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