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Friday, February 20, 2004  

His New Fighting Technique is Unstoppable
Thanks to Mike over at Cruft for the heads up on Rumsfeld's 1000 Fighting Style. I certainly wouldn't want to meet him in a dark, ninja-filled, ally.

And since I'm linking to random stuff... This coming tuesday is "Grey Tuesday" when DJ Danger Mouse is asking as many people as possible to host his "Grey Album" for 24 hours in protest of stupid legal actions. The Grey Album is the DJs mix of Jay Zs "Black Album" (which Jay Z has released in several cut-up/remix/DJ friendly formats) and the Beatles "White Album." Of course EMI had a fit and sent out all kinds of C&D letters and generally pissed on the parade. I'm just happy that I'll be able to get a friggin copy of the album on Tuesday, as it is supposed to rock.

One more random link for a friday afternoon: These look neat, and I'm mainly posting this so I don't loose the link... Have a good weekend. If your in SoCal, stay dry...

posted by JMV | 2/20/2004 11:14:00 AM
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