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Saturday, February 28, 2004  

And the Oscar Goes to...
As promised, Here are my Picks (subject to chance over the next 28 hours.)

Best Picture, Editing, Make-up, VFX, Score, Sound, and Song: LotR: RotK (sweep sweep sweep)

Director: Peter Jackson (BoW award for all three films)

Actor: Sean Penn (though Depp's SAG award opens this category up way more than I was expecting...)

Actress: Charlize

Supporting Actor: Tim Robbins

Supporting Actress: Renee Z. (I haven't actually seen any of the films that the actor picks from. Going all on buzz, reviews, and gut)

Script: Lost in Translation

Adapted Script: Mystic River (one of the two award I'm not giving to LotRs.)

Cinematography: Toss up: Master and Commander or Cold Mountain. I haven't seen cold mountain but I think the academy will be tossing Master and Commander this award so it doesn't go home empty handed.

Art Direction: I'm tempted to go LotRs, but I think it will actually goto Girl with a Pearl Earring. The academy loves period pieces for this award...

Costume Design: Talk about a dead-heat category... I'm going to go with LotR though to bring the grand total upto 9.

Make-Up: LotRs perhaps deserves this award more than any other this year. Just ask ol' puss-eye!

SFX Editing: Master and Commander? Pirates? Pirates HAS to win something... SO I'll say PotC.

Animated Feature: Biggest Lock of the whole night: Finding Nemo!

Forien Language: Barbarian Invasions (it sounds a lot more exciting that it actually is)

Doc Feature: Fog of War. Errol Morris? Oh hell yeah!

Doc Short: I'm going to go out on a limb here and say Chernobyl Hearts

LA Short: ??? What the hell do I know... Two Soldiers. Whatever...

Animated Short: Destino!!! I hope Roy Disney is good an' drunk when he makes his speech too!

There Ya go! I had a little better than 50% average last year... I think I'll do better this year with the inevitable LotR sweep! I have it picked for 9 awards, just 2 short of the record held by Ben Hur and Titanic. I would really LOVE it if it were to beat that record as it is one of the landmark films of my lifetime (much more so that Titanic!!!) But I don't think it'll happen...

posted by JMV | 2/28/2004 12:36:00 PM
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