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Monday, January 26, 2004  

Reason Number 412 I love TiVo
Awards Shows. Watched the (3+ hour long) Golden Globe Awards in like 70 minuets Sunday night. Got to "bloop-bloop" all the lame bits and just watch the good bits. Like Lord of the Rings sweeping every category it was nominated in (notoriously camera-shy Fran Walsh even co-accepted for best song!) And Bill Murray's accepting Best Actor (Comedy) for Lost in Translation (which also won for screenplay and Best Picture-Comedy or Musical.) I hope the Academy follows pretty closely when the Oscar nominations come out this Tuesday. And what the hell was up with Sting and not wearing a shirt? I mean SERIOUSLY, I realize that the "Globes" are a less-formal event than the Oscars, but PUT A FRIGGIN SHIRT ON!

OH! I nearly forgot, while watching the "Globes" I saw a promo for Michael Jay Fox's triumphant return to TV. On SCRUBS! Which makes me dislike NBC Chief Executive Jeff Zucker even more. See Zucker (who is also responsible for all the dumb-ass non-standard start times and durations for NBC shows,) in his ceaseless tinkering with the NBC primetime schedule, moved Scrubs to Tuesday night so that "The Apprentice" wouldn't get slaughtered by "American Idol" again. So that means the runner up for the Octy in TV will be up against the Octy winner "24." Which I guess is reason number 413 that I love TiVo.

posted by JMV | 1/26/2004 01:36:00 AM
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