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Friday, December 26, 2003  

Happy Holidays!

Another Christmas come and gone, and just a few short days until it is time to say good bye to 2003. Christmas at "Verive's Hollywood" was very interesting this year. It was Julie's very first SoCal xmas and she was treated to quite a few old Verive traditions, from the Italian Cold Cuts on Christmas eve to the Ravioli cooked by my Auntie Kay on Christmas day. I felt very much at home again this year, more so even than during college when I would come back to OC for winter break, and I really got into the holiday spirit.

We are also now the proud owners of a Weber Genesis Silver A gas grill! The grill was delivered this morning by Santa (read: two guys from Home Depot) and as I was getting it all set up I realized they had not delivered the manual, LPG tank, regulator or manifold coupler. I was dreading the thought of entering Home Depot the day after xmas, but I REALLY wanted to get the grill working... I am happy to say that Ray in the delevery department of Home Depot really knows the meaning of customer service (which is a rare thing indeed these days.) He immediately remembered me from our brief phone conversation this morning pre-grill-delivery and was very apologetic. He then walked me back to the grill area and handed me the missing hardware, apologized about 3 more times (they didn't have any manuals in the store) and walked me out of the store. No waiting in line. No paperwork. No problem. It was really refreshing (especially the day after christmas when every jerk-off in Hollywood was trying to return something or spend their new gift card.) So (octopus)hats off to Ray from the Hollywood Home Depo!

I got the new parts (and a full tank of pure, clean burning, Liquid Propane Gas) back home, put it all together, and fired the bad-boy up! I feel like a MAN now. I then immediately ran out to Trader Joes to buy stuff to cook on it. Which got me thinking. You know how some bloggers have a link to an Amazon Wishlist so their readers can buy them DVDs and stuff? Yeah, I think it is lame too... But if any of you out there have been wishing they could send me something, I suggest mailing me meat.

(Just kidding about the meat donations.)

posted by JMV | 12/26/2003 06:05:00 PM
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