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Wednesday, November 26, 2003  

There's Something on the Wing... SomeTHING on the WING*
GenCon SoCal is coming up in December, and with the sudden surge in geeky pursuits around the Verive abode I thought I would check out the website (which was evidently coded by blind syphilitic monkeys) and see if it looks like it would be worth dropping 20 bucks at the door... After poking around in my second string web browser (evidently the above mentioned monkeys didn't write Safari compatible HTML) I discovered that Bill Shatner will be the "guest of honor" and will be doing a signing on Saturday and Sunday... I think this alone might be worth the admission and waiting in a long line. I could get my copy of the Twilight Zone DVD (Episode 43 "Nick of Time") signed!** There is also a WHOLE LOT of other gaming events that look worthwhile... I've never been to a gaming con that big before, and I fear it will induce a darkside-geek allergic reaction but there has to be a bar close by. Right? Anybody want to brave the hordes of übernerds with me?

*I'm not quite sure that typing that has the same effects as actually hearing Julie say it, but you hopefully get the point...

**Even though I don't particularly like Star Trek (and especially TOS,) I have a completely unfounded love for William Shatner as a Cult of Personality. I really enjoy watching him over act in his lesser known roles (Incubus (1965) and Free Enterprise (1998) being my favorites), as well as any interviews, puff pieces, commercials, or hosting gigs that he does.

posted by JMV | 11/26/2003 03:00:00 AM
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