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Thursday, November 13, 2003  

I miraculously caught a showing of Scratch, a feature length documentary about the emergence of "turntablism" in hip-hop culture, on Showtime this afternoon. The film features interviews of just about every major DJ in the turntablism/battle DJ/Hip-Hop scene, and more importantly footage of of them absolutely shredding the decks. Everybody from pioneer Afrika Bambaataa to my favorites Q-Bert, Cut Chemist, and DJ Shadow are represented. The film does a good job of conveying the birth of the DJ and hits on the many different aspects of DJ culture. But undoubtedly the best part is hearing each DJ wax spiritual about the the meaning and the effect of scratching, cutting, and beat mixing. If you have even the slightest interest in Hip-Hop (and I don't mean the top-40 crap), DJs, or Turntablism do your self a favor and rent it.

posted by JMV | 11/13/2003 05:00:00 PM
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