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Tuesday, October 14, 2003  

The Cubs Do What They DO Best
...Blow it late in the game. They lead the Marlins 1-0 until the 7th inning, where they increased their lead with some nice hitting to 3-0. I was just starting to wonder which cub fan in my family I should call when they got that last out in the ninth to win the game. And then it happened all too quickly. In the top of the eighth they fall apart after a couple of base hits, a tough play, and an error. Before anyone could blink they're down 3-8. And now as we head into the bottom of the ninth the announcer mentions that Chicago has lost 67 consecutive games that they trailed in the eighth. It doesn't look good. But hey, at least there is game 7.

posted by JMV | 10/14/2003 07:51:00 PM
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