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Sunday, October 05, 2003  

Best Laid Plans...
Friday night in Hollywood, and nothing to do. After our thoughts of hitting up the Baked Potato to see Fusion Legend Alan Holdsworth were scraped we decided on a low-key night at a dive bar. We made the drive into China Town on Mary's suggestion to visit "Hop Louie," a tiny bar under a Chinese food restaurant. The Digital City review begins, "Does anyone else love the movie Blade Runner so much that it informed your preferences for everything from clothes to cities? Anyone? If you are one of these people, go to the Hop Louie bar tonight." Well, I certainly AM one of those people, and Hop Louie certainly feels like a interstitial space existing outside of time, geography, or even reality. Walking across the secluded courtyard that houses Hop Louie and into the smoky, (Yes, smoky! In LA!) dark bar you feel like you are falling backwards through time. An ancient Chinese man works the bar while Sinatra, Elvis, or in our case Johnny Cash plays on the vintage Juke Box. A juke box that is actually spinning vinyl 45s. The decor is standard chinese-restaurant over laid with christmas lights and 50 years of tobacco smoke. On this particular night there was maybe another 20 people, all hip Hollywood twenty-somethings, but instead of the typical LA hot-spot these people were there to purposefully NOT be seen. They were there to visit with their inner circles, and to drink. Needless to say, we had a great time and I imagine Hop Louie will become a regular haunt.

posted by JMV | 10/05/2003 08:11:00 PM
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