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Sunday, October 12, 2003  

And Now We Return To Our Regularly Scheduled Program...
Really. I mean it this time, I'll be back to more-often-then-not daily entries this week. Things have been pretty crazy around the house this week and this weekend especially. Friday I began some freelance work for a photography studio in Santa Monica doing mostly computer related projects. I have some pretty promising leads though, so hopefully something more permanent will firm up shortly... After work Julie and a couple friends ventured deep into the Valley for the Laser-Floyd show at the planetarium. I was pretty blown away, as it was my first time seeing a "Lasarium" show. I had no idea the whole show was run by a guy doing all the effects in real time. The show really reminded me how friggin cool Pink Floyd is, and I wish I could find my copy of "Dark Side of the Moon." After the show we got HIDEOUSLY lost in the bowels of Northridge and barley made it out of the Valley with our lives.

Saturday we threw a little gathering to celebrate Julie's impending return to the work force, and it went swimmingly! We had just under 10 people here, which turned out to be a good number for the first soiree in our new place. We hope to have a bigger party in the near future once we are finally settled in.

Today Jules and I walked down to Hollywood Blvd to catch an afternoon show of "Kill Bill." It was every bit as over the top and blood soaked as the critics have been saying, and while entertaining it left me wanting more. And not just Volume 2 (due out in February) but more substance. I think I need to give it a day or two before I put my final thoughts on the film down, but right now I don't feel like I got the Tarantino movie that I waited 6 years for. More on that to come...

posted by Julie | 10/12/2003 09:01:00 PM
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