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Friday, September 12, 2003  

The Summer of Depp Continues
Tomorrow is opening day for "Once Upon a Time in Mexico," the sequel to "Desperado" that stars Antonio Banderas and Johnny Depp. Just finished watching Desperado again and am even more excited about seeing the movie tomorrow! We have been in LA for three weeks (!!) and haven't yet gone to the movies, so it will be good to go out to the theater again. I just noticed that Pirates of the Caribbean is STILL in the top five at the box office, and has grossed nearly 300 million in the US alone so far. Hopefully this will mean the return of pirates to American cinema. All in all I was pretty disappointed with this summer's crop of flicks though. Pirates and the Matrix were really the only stand-out films for me. At least the fall/winter season looks to be more promising.

posted by JMV | 9/12/2003 12:38:00 AM
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