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Monday, September 15, 2003  

Man With Too Much Time Helps Others Pass Theirs
Saw a story on Boing-Boing today about a guy who decided to see how much ink is in a Sharpie by labeling a bunch of CDRs until the pen ran dry. It took him 2 months and nearly 1000 CDs before the Sharpie gave up the ghost. When I was first looking at the site I thought it was perhaps the lamest web-vanity project I had seen, but about half way through his account I was hooked. I spend the rest of the afternoon reading all 34 other "How much is inside" projects on the site. Some of my favorites are: "A Million Dollars", "A Print Cartridge", and "Cherrios". But by far the best addition is "How much is inside a Chevy Trailblazer" where Rob attempts to win a Union n76 gas station contest by guessing how many antenna balls fit inside a Trailblazer with surprising results! What makes Rob's accounts of his wacky experiments so fun to read is a combination of silly ideas approached from quasi-scientific perspective, lots of goofy pictures, and witty writing. I haven't yet spent any time on the rest of his site for fear of losing even more time, but I highly recommend reading his reports on how much stuff is in stuff. And next time I'm bored on a Friday night I think I'll invite some people over for some wacky experiments of our own.

posted by JMV | 9/15/2003 02:44:00 PM
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