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Thursday, August 07, 2003  

Sailing the 7th... Desert?
I was trying to figure out something to blog about, when I stumbled across this, a 1/2 scale replica of a Spanish galleon, built around an old school-bus to traverse the desert around Burning Man. I ran across a mention of it on Tiny Nibbles (she doesn't use permalinks, so scroll down to the 8/6 entry), the sex-blog of Venus Blue who is a sex-writer, Good Vibrations employee, activist, and all around cool chick from San Francisco. She mentions a private, all night, party being thrown by the Extra Action Marching Band where the Contessa will "sail" between "islands" set up in the desert, each island a different piece of a formal dinner party.

The whole things reminded me of the idea I had a few years ago about putting wheels on a cruise ship, and driving it to Vegas. Or better yet, put it on big-ass train tracks, and then you could have the ultimate party boat, in the desert, going to the best city on earth. I would still love to check out the Contessa in person, but the idea of Burning Man scares me...

posted by JMV | 8/07/2003 08:54:00 PM
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