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Monday, August 18, 2003  

Friends: Not Just for Breakfast
Monday morning. Not that days of the week hold ANY meaning to the unemployed. But this monday is different. The LAST monday as a resident of idyllic Santa Cruz. And a whole shit-load of things to get done before D-Day. In fact, I was looking through our relocating book to see what we're supposed to have finished at this point and it said that 2 weeks ago we should have called to confirm with any friends helping us move, and assign them shifts. What is with that? I guess maybe if we had like a 4 bedroom house shifts of unpaid friend labour would make sense, but we have a tiny 1 bedroom. I'll be happy if 4 people show up to help us out. So, instead of me calling and assigning you a freaking shift just leave a comment if you are going to be part of the crack truck-loading/unloading team! Pizza, beer, and your pick of any stuff that doesn't fit in the truck are all we can offer, but the help would be greatly appreciated!

posted by JMV | 8/18/2003 01:56:00 PM
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