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Thursday, July 03, 2003  

Forgot to mention that after work yesterday Julie, Antonio, and myself caught an early show of Terminator 3. It was better that I was expecting, which isn't really saying a whole lot since I expected it to REALLY SUCK, but wasn't particularly memorable. Basically there was some good action, but not much of a story. The first major action sequence was incredible, and easily the high point of the film. The Terminator franchise is known for Cameron's imaginative and layered writing, and T3 lacks that depth. It also flies in the face of the themes of the first two film, which put me off a little. The script didn't really give any of the actors scenes to work with; I think there must have been 3 scenes without gun-play in the whole movie. The false-ending was a little weak, but I could just be expecting too much after Cameron's masterful (and multiple) false-endings of the first 2. Nothing in T3 comes close to the shots in the preceding films of the Terminators emerging from the flames, bare of human pretense and hell-bent on killing. But the actual ending of T3 was pretty cool. I didn't see it coming, and it is really different than anything else we've seen from the series. All in all T3 is a double edged sword: a movie that fans of the series could like the most, but a movie that may be too different thematically and suffer from the lack of John Cameron's influence too much for fans to get behind. The theater was pretty deserted, which I would take to be a bad sign, but evidently it had the best preview release EVER. My guess is mid-50 to low-60 million over the 4-day.

posted by JMV | 7/03/2003 02:49:00 PM
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