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Wednesday, July 30, 2003  

Mmmm RAM
I finally got the RAM upgrade I've been coveting since I bought the powerbook! My boss traded me a 512MB stick for an Airport card I had bought in November for the department's iBook. The extra 384 megs (I had to remove a 128Mb stick as the 12" powerbook only has one expansion slot) makes a WORLD of difference! iPhoto is actually usable now! And I got a copy of Final Cut 4 from work which is super-ultra-fly. It sucks that I won't really have the time to play around with it tomorrow as I have SO much stuff to do, but I still have a lot of editing to do on the behind-the-scenes documentary that I'm working on so I'll get to put it through its paces soon enough.

posted by JMV | 7/30/2003 01:41:00 AM
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