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Tuesday, July 08, 2003  

Like Weeds I Tell You!
My blogvangalism has begun to pay dividends. Two good friends have launched their own blogs in the past two days, and Greg's went live last week. Chun's new blog, Chuntastic looks to be a "slice-of-life" blog, and Chun is a great writer so go check that one out. And my good buddy Paul (AKA Paulie-Tee, Paulie-Red, and Paulie the Shark) has finally begun his run as a profesional card-player, and his blog, Paul's Burbon is a running record of his ups and downs playing poker in LA clubs. He runs detailed breakdowns of his big hands, and if you know poker is a lot of fun to read. Lets wish them luck!

posted by JMV | 7/08/2003 10:53:00 AM
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