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Sunday, July 06, 2003  

File Under Thrill Junkie
It used to be that I hated to ride roller coasters; it took many years to even get my on Thunder Mountain Railroad at Mouse-land. In the past 4 years or so this trend has started to reverse. It has always been the drops that I hated, the feeling of my guts trying to fly out my mouth was not my idea of thrilling. A couple of years ago Julie and I went to Marine World which is a cool park because it combines a zoo with a coaster-park. We rode a few of the coasters (including one of my favorites Medusa), and there my transformation began. Yesterday we were treated to a trip to Great America by Julie's parents (a couple of pictures are up on my Moblog.) I don't know what happened, but yesterday I had none of the pre-ride butterflies that I usually get waiting in line. The drops were suddenly FUN. Even the sickening Stealth, where you are strapped in, on your back, upside down and moving head first through loops and corkscrews, was FUN. The park was virtually empty and we rode all six coasters and a couple of other rides in under 7 hours. We even walked on to two of the coasters with less than a 5 minute wait. Which goes along way to making an amusement-park trip enjoyable. But now I'm looking forward to visiting the king of theme-parks, Six Flags Magic Mountain with the best MM guide out-there, Chun!

posted by JMV | 7/06/2003 02:31:00 PM
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