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Monday, July 14, 2003  

looking back at my experiment in serialized essay publishing with "Living the Dream," I'm not entirely happy with the results. There is of course the basic problem that the chronological ordering of the typical blog, most recent at the top of the page, doesn't lend its self very well to serialization. It is OK for regular readers of the site as they will read it daily and thus get everything in the right order, but a reader coming to the blog this week would read everything back-wards. Even more devastating to the flow of the essay would be a reader coming to my blog during the middle of the week last week would have started reading the essay in the middle, and then worked their way to the beginning, and then read the rest in chronological order, completely destroying any natural narrative progression. This coupled with the already manic style of the piece and its sever departure (from the rest of Octopus Hat) in tone is to blame for the less-than stellar reception of the essay. Not that it is a particularly well-written work, and indeed I never intended it to be; it was more of a stream-of-consciousness therapy piece. It is reproduced here (.txt,) in its complete form. The whole experiment has given me the desire to further experiment with a non-linear narrative published on the blog.

posted by JMV | 7/14/2003 02:04:00 PM
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