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Saturday, June 21, 2003  

Soaking up the, Uh.... Gloom?
LA is great. The weather bites. Thursday night in Westwood (or WeWo as I have taken to calling it) was excellent. I finally got to experience Pink's, the "Hollywood Legend since 1939." Pinks is a tiny little hot-dog joint on the side of the road in West LA with, quite possibly, the best dogs west of the rockies. And DEFIANTLY the oddest dogs. The serve up something called the "burrito dog" which is a hot-dog + fixings wrapped in a tortilla. It keeps the fixings from escaping before you can eat them, and is a great idea! The were featuring the "Matrix Reloaded Dog" which was THREE hot-dogs, chili, cheese, bacon, and onions wrapped in a tortilla. I had a "lord of the Rings Dog" which is the 10" "stretch" dog covered in onion-rings and BBQ sauce.
Friday was spent driving around West LA checking out neighborhoods and apartment complexes. We also checked out the Apple Store in the grove. I got my replacement iPod remote (free of charge!) and a kick-ass lap-top bag (finally!) Beau picked up a 15Gig iPod, and I'm jealous of it. We did dinner at my favorite Italian spot in Sunset Beach with my mom. Today is a 5Lbs prime-rib at my dad's before driving back to WeWo for Beau's dinner party. Good times!

posted by JMV | 6/21/2003 04:40:00 PM
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