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Monday, June 09, 2003  

Military Intelligence
Why, oh why is the military industrial complex getting so DUMB? This article discusses the proposed "scorpion ensemble:" an infantry equipment load-out that promises to cut the weight of gear carried by the average grunt in half. It contains such revolutionary ideas as a HUD in the goggles that can display thermal or IR views, built-in body armor, vital-sign sensors, and all manner of wireless connectivity. The goal it to make each soldier on the battle-field more connected to everyone else, while reducing the amount of information that they have to deal with. The scientist developing the new equipment talk excitedly about the new capabilities being built into the suit. Things like non-lethal ammunition, remote controlled gun-platforms, and auto-administering first-aid. The DoD is sinking some 15 BILLION into the development of tech that was featured in my adolescent war-stories. Nearly all the "ground breaking" tech discussed by the research monkeys is old-hat to any 10 year-olds playing with GI Joes. For 15 billion dollars you think that the government would hire some friggin futurists to come up with truly ground-breaking tech to go after. Frankly I'm disappointed the state of modern skunk-works. Forchristsakes there isn't even any LASERS or PLASMA guns mentioned. How the HELL are we supposed to keep the dirty terrorist off our shores without plasma rifles?

posted by JMV | 6/09/2003 06:06:00 PM
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