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Monday, June 16, 2003  

Inching Ever Closer...
The weekend was filled with activity (we just Saturday really.) My Brother-in-law Graduated on Saturday, so we went and sat in the sun and then drove to the In-law's house in Los Altos Hills for a party. There was a keg of Coors, TONS of food, and an impromptu jam with a couple of bass guitars, a guitar, a small drum kit, and a Theremin! I attempted to play the bass for a while, but was quickly depressed to discover I had forgot EVERYTHING about playing in the 7 years since the last time I picked one up... But a good time was had by all, and I was able to meet the Film Commissioner of San Mateo County. Sounds like a really fun job! She is a very nice woman, and when I gave her my card, she said that she would put me on the contacts list for projects shooting in the area. I've been cruising Craig's List, and some of the other show-biz type job boards, and have yet to receive a single reply to any of my inquires. Which is frustrating, but kinda expected. I've taken to making my e-mails more vague and inflating my credentials a little more... So we will see if that helps any.

In other news, Jules and I leave for LA/OC on Thursday afternoon for our first neighborhood hunting expedition. I've stoked to get our of Santa Cruz and looking forward to seeing my folks (it's been 6 months!!) Updates will be sporadic over the weekend... But I'm going to try and take a lot of pictures.

posted by JMV | 6/16/2003 04:07:00 PM
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