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Monday, June 30, 2003  

Angry Man, Once A Man, and No Damn Men
Friday evening I caught a show of the new "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle." I was looking forward to this as I really like the first one. McG is a hell-ova action director, and you really can't lose with the formula. The film was about what I was expecting. I was a little disappointed that the visual-style was so uneven, but was happy with the crazy set-ups. A great pop-corn flick though nothing we haven't seen before.

Saturday we ventured to the midnight show of "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" downtown. It originally came out about the time I was working at Westside Video and I must have been told I had to see it 100 times. But I STILL managed to miss it. I was blown away. SO good. I'm going to buy the soundtrack. I'm pissed that it took me SO long to see it. I was smiling ear-to-ear during parts, and touched during others. SO good.

And today we saw a matinee of "The Hulk." I'll do a more detailed review tomorrow, but let me say that I really liked it. It blew-away all of my expectations. It was perhaps the best translation of the comic book visual language into cinematic language of the comic book flicks. A lot of split-screen, a lot of really creative transitions, and incredibly cool shots. Somebody read Understanding Comics before setting out to make this movie! Highly recommended if you like comics, and want to see on of the most stylistically unique film to come out of Hollywood in recent memory. Oh, and lets not forget the awesome performances of all three leads! Nolte's turn as mad scientist was wonderfully over the top, and it was cool to see Bana play up the intoxication of the Hulk rampages. But Jennifer Connelly stole the show. The writing could have been better, but the direction more than made up for it. Ang Lee is truly a master filmmaker.

All in all a great weekend! The surprise I promised on Friday will happen tomorrow. It took WAY too long to get it up and running. It is nothing too exciting to anybody but me, but it is something I've wanted to do since I started Octopus Hat, so I'm stoked!

posted by JMV | 6/30/2003 12:22:00 AM
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