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Wednesday, May 21, 2003  

Wednesday is Video Day!
First off a really neat little video of some people exploiting the physics engine in Halo (the Xbox game). It is this kind of thing that I love about good video games: you can have a lot of fun with a game doing things that the developers never intended.
Next up we have a very exciting video of some footage of the upcoming Return of the King! The quality bites because it was taped with a camcorder from a screening of the video-game trailer at E3 (and includes some video-game footage at the end.) But is still super cool and gets me pumped for the final chapter come December!
Lastly, ADV Films just announced a live-action feature based on their anime title, Neon Genesis! Effects will be handled by Weta Workshop (the brilliant minds behind the Lord of the Rings effects!) Sounds interesting!

posted by JMV | 5/21/2003 02:55:00 PM
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