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Tuesday, May 27, 2003  

What a weekend! That was a truly wonderful long-weekend. I achieved nearly every goal I had for the three days off, and then some. I really wish that I could work a 4-day work week every week. 10-hour days? Sure! As long as I would get three consecutive days off. Here is a brief rundown of notable events of the weekend:
Friday: After work I broiled up a flank-steak and then Jules and I walked down to John Peterman's house for an evening of geeking (and some whisky.) My neighbor, who works at Blockbuster video, lent us a copy of Enter the Matrix for the 'Cube which kept us up too late. The game has been getting dreadful reviews which I don't fully understand, but I will go into my feeling about the game in a separate post to come.
Saturday: Slept in (blissful) and walked downtown for a matinee of "Bruce Almighty" with the Floreseses. I enjoyed the flick, and even though the TV spots gave away most of the good gags, I still laughed my ass off. Steven Carell stole the show though. After a bit of lunch we decided to catch the sneak preview of "The Italian Job" that evening. Both Julie and I were pleasantly surprised by the film, and we enjoyed it quite a lot. Jules was on the edge of her seat during the climactic car-chase and now wants nothing more than to get a Mini Cooper. It was quite a good heist flick, mixing suspense with humor, and mini-car chases. I would recommend it.
Sunday: We took a sojourn over the hill to escape the day-trippers coming into Santa Cruz with their strollers and sun-tan lotion and beach-towels. Julie had a gift card from Target burning a hole in her pocket and I needed to stop over at Frys as the final diagnostic of the PC was "its is fucked" and I needed a new MoBo. We flitted around the silicon valley and did a bunch of shopping. Scored a bunch of DVDs and a copy of teh aforementioned Matrix game at Target, and while at Frys decided to pick up a new processor to go with the new MoBo. 130 bucks later we have a new board and a 2Ghz AMD Proc to go with it! Now we will see if I can get the beasty working again.
Monday: After playing a bunch of the Matrix game we decided that we had to go see Reloaded again. I enjoyed it as much the second time as I did the first, minus the Awe factor. I'll post some more detailed thoughts later in the week. Post movie we retuned home and started making homemade pizza. Good stuff!

posted by JMV | 5/27/2003 12:59:00 PM
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