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Tuesday, May 27, 2003  

My Backpack's Got Jets
Ok. So I heard this song once a few months ago at a party, but didn't (or couldn't over the party din) really listen to it, and was only familiar with it because a few friends would break into song at the mere mention of Boba Fett, Backpacks, or Corvettes. Then I had a chance to hear it a few times over the weekend, and NOW I see what all the fuss was about. The song is by MC Chris who does voice work on Cartoon Network's Sealab 2021, and is a RAP about Boba Fette and his quest for a Corvette. I first dismissed the song, but once I listened to it I was really surprised! The man has MAD FLOW! Here is a taste:

Slice you open like a tan tan, faster than the autobahn
Or a motorbike in tron, do the deed and then I'm gone
Jaba has a hissyfit, contact calrissian
Over a colt, the paln unfolds, no politic is legit

In a word, the song, and its rhymes are sick. Go check it out. (Here is the link. It is the first link on that page.)

posted by JMV | 5/27/2003 04:50:00 PM
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